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NEW HEAT ALERT! ReemoVanPrez just released a straight banger. New visuals for “BELIEVE” finally here featuring Drizzy Juliano & They Snapped!!! Reemo is on his way up! Reemo been stepped his game up musically plus his grind. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. This just reassured me that he is still that guy. The exact reason why/how I became a fan in the first place. This New Joint was get you in your zone. You can feel it when he speak. He sauced heavy on this joint. His flow made him seem like he was just walking on this. He was talking that talk on this! Reemo not going nowhere but to the top. Straight sauce.

Drizzy Juliano like 5-5 right now! The 3rd Part of “GDK” is was too fire & he just iced this so effortlessly! He been putting out a lot of fire lately! His foot back on necks. First time I heard Drizzy use straight flow and still sauce! NYC is Heavy right now with new artists on the rise! Reemo & Drizzy really a hell of a duo! One of my favorite songs on the blog right now. This definitely motivation right here! They got the sauce right now! Motivation for the streets right here! Official Anthem. That Pressure Right Here!

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