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Album: GF Anon – “Canvas of a Radiant Child”

“GF Anon is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and engineer from Camden, NJ. Formerly known as Darnell Little, GF decided it was best to make some positive changes in his career and rebrand at the start of 2020. “GF Anon” is actually an acronym that stands for “Graceful and Anonymous.” Embracing the mystique of his rebrand, GF is admittedly an introvert and contrary to most artists, he much rather be in the background.

GF Anon has released two studio albums under his Darnell Little moniker, “BlackaMOOR” (2016) and “Flipped” (2019), prior to sharing his recent, June-released body of work, “Canvas of a Radiant Child” via EMPIRE. Here’s what GF Anon had to say about the 13-track effort.

“That album [CAR] is my favorite because I had a lot of fun working on it and this is the album that I can consider a proper debut album due to this being an album that I always envisioned me making. CAR is my life story.”

Available on all platforms now, “Canvas of a Radiant Child” is an expertly crafted 34-minute project, perfect for lovers of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and lyricism with a purpose. Also be sure to follow GF Anon on social media to stay up-to-date with his moves.”


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