Lose Yourself In Swanny Ivy’s Superlative “Neon Cocaine” Visual

Giving his 2018 opus, “Neon Cocaine” a production upgrade and masterful visual courtesy of DavieeDavee, Swanny Ivy has created an experience that is as close to musically perfect as I’ve experienced in some time. Soothing, and transportive, “Neon Cocaine” invites you to a destination so visually perfect it can surely only exist in the realm between Swanny’s own ears, perhaps with just a little ‘enhancement.” Yet, as you allow yourself to be drawn in, you can feel the sun on your own face. Smell the earthiness of the sunflowers. You are ‘there.’

What truly makes “Neon Cocaine” sublime is the synergy of the visual with Swanny’s vocals which pair so perfectly with this lush, spacious, meditative mindscape. This is Swanny through the looking glass, exposing both his vulnerability and his comfort within his own skin. 

The visuals and vibe of the music illustrate a blissful “coming of age” while the lyrics contrast an undertone of losing innocence, drugs and simply letting go. It is unclear if Swanny is coming or going on this track, but it sounds amazing.

“Neon Cocaine” will be on Swanny’s upcoming double sided album “It’ll Be Over Soon.”

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