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Whitey And TrippyThaKid Are “Ridin to Heaven Dirty” On Bouncy Summer Anthem

Boston native, Whitey, has been in the music game for many years and in that time, has worn a multitude of hats on the back end; promoter, distributor and even blogger. Now, at the ripe age of (cough), Whitey has bravely donned a new hat, that of music artist, and it seems to be working out well for him if his single, “White Boy Flowing” is any indication. To date that song has close to half a million streams across the DSP’s.

The product of white suburbia, Whitey spent his youth mired in substance abuse – dropping out of college, moving from place to place and visiting many a State jail along the way. He finally ended up homeless in San Diego and that bottom caused him to seek the help he needed and turn his life around. He also replaced his alcohol habit with medical marijuana which has set him on a much better path.

Inspired by his trials and tribulations, Whitey began to create his own music 18 short months ago and quickly attracted the attention of fellow Caucasian rhymer and recovering alcoholic, TrippyThaKid. With so much in common, the two quickly became friends and collaborators and “Ridin to Heaven Dirty” is one of the products of that union. 

“Ridin to Heaven Dirty” is a bouncy, laid back cut produced by Sxven from Melbourne, Australia over which Whitey and Trippy trade head-nodding verses about their partying glory days. It’s the perfect ‘stick it on in the whip and roll’ summer anthem that is bound for summer pool party playlists everywhere. Even if we can longer have summer pool parties. The song appears on Whitey’s forthcoming debut EP, “The Culture Vulture.”

Both will be distributed by GT Distribution / INgrooves 

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