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BrazyXay drops new single “Need Me” that hits close to home

Today, it’s difficult to find a hip-hop artist that brings a unique sound. BrazyXay is a rapper from Atlanta, and has been turning up in his city with his new single “Need Me”. This song explains a toxic relationship BrazyXay was recently involved in. Growing tired of feeling used, he then withdrew from the toxicity and chose to be lonesome. This track shows how talented BrazyXay is, and how far he has come. He originally started uploading YouTube videos, and gaining a massive number of fans. BrazyXay is making a wild entrance in the music industry and it’s looking like he won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Don’t miss out on the hit “Need Me” by BrazyXay, as it deserves a spot on your playlist. Stay updated with BrazyXay on social media so you don’t wont miss anything:

BrazyXay’s Instagram: @BrazyXay

BrazyXay’s Twitter: @BrazyXay1

BrazyXay’s Facebook: @BrazyXay

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