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JamalTheCreator gives himself a boost with three new singles

YouTube star JamalTheCreator is making a big statement with his music debut. Last month he dropped three new singles on SoundCloud. He uploaded “All On Me”, “Trust Issues”, and “This Is The Life” which is his biggest record yet. The songs describe the different trials of having tough friendships and relationships. The chill pop-rap sound accommodates his melodic vocals. He often finds light in every problem and still finds a way to deliver a positive message in each track. 

JamalTheCreator has always had a huge passion to do music ever since he was younger. One of his biggest dreams he had was to get signed to a record label, even at the age of 4. He even ran away from home when he was 16, and went to Los Angeles to pursue his musical dreams. Obviously, that didn’t last long, and he got in even deeper legal trouble once he returned to his hometown of Atlanta. After listening to his music, it’s seems that JamalTheCreator will soon become a household name in the music industry and solidify the genre of the unremarked “YouTube Rap”. 

Connect with JamalTheCreator on social media:

JamalTheCreator on Instagram : @hoodgeno

JamalTheCreator on Facebook : @JamalTheCreator

JamalTheCreator on Twitter : @hoodgeno

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