Marc 2Ray shares his “Exhale” video

Marc 2Ray drops a new visual for “Exhale” the closing song on his most recent album “Fresh Air”.

Marc shows his lyrical prowess over an elaborate 80 bar verse which serves as a call to action for bringing Hip Hip back to its roots. Over an intricate beat produced by Godfather, Marc recounts his successes with Hip Hop activism which includes performances in Times Sqaure and outside The White House as well as his music being used in schools to teach.

“To me Hip Hop in its core essence is a tool to help educate and empower. A medium to relay important message to the masses that other outlets won’t cover. At least that’s how it started with Grand Master Flash, Public Enemy, NWA, and so many others. And I think now more than ever we need that from our Hip Hop.”

Marc has a background as an educator, working as a therapist for children with Autism at The Floortime Center. His songs “1915” and “Dear America” are also being used in school curricula to help educate high school and college students.

“Exhale” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grammy-nominated sound engineer Calin Enache at District Sound Lab. The visual was shot by DC Video Works and edited by Joe Hancher.

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