Miami’s rising recording artist Maine Laveau has been making his way around the entertainment industry with incredible universal and camouflage sound. Maine recently released his new visual to his song Dolo.”

Maine’s inspiration for “Dolo” was based on the urban slang meaning “to be alone, or do by yourself.” In this visual, Maine chose truthful facts that lead him to situations that made him better, not bitter. Those same genuine situations made the choice of lyrics so thorough and be authentic.

Maine enlisted Piffy Guwap and Rob Ray as features on the hot new single ‘Dolo‘. Piffy Guwap and Rob Ray put the icing on the cake! With verbal intercourse that displayed both a gritty and casual demeanor, the location was different from the regular Miami vibes.

LaVeau chose Atlanta to show his viewers how he pretty much goes from state to state and adapts on his musical journey with great energy, more so victory.

Check out Maine Laveau’s music below!

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