Biltmore Black drops new single “Baller Alert”

To sum Biltmore Black up in words it would be, hustler, thinker and a musical genius. Biltmore Black says that his passion and love for hip hop is what fuels his creativity. Born and raised in Phoenix, his motivation is to assist in putting his home state of Arizona on the map and to use his music as a way to connect with the youth. “I really studied the new culture of hip hop and I love it. I think I connect so much with the youth because I’ve been through a lot of things that they’re going through.” – Biltmore Black

Staying in his own lane, Black respects new artists, but really maintains solidarity with his own team and being self-made. Growing up, he was influenced by Nas, Ice Cube, Too Short and Outkast to name a few. With an unlimited flow and versatile talent, he coins his sound as “go getter music.” His first official single is Baller Alert produced by Yung Glizzy. The official video will be out September 22nd. Additionally, fans can listen to his upcoming project “The Book of Game (Commandments)” the first quarter of 2021. Be on the lookout, because with 80 songs already done in the chamber, Biltmore Black is here to stay.

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