Domani Releases New Deluxe Version of “Time Will Tell” Featuring New Single “Show Off”

As a follow up to his well-received 2019 album, “Time Will Tell”, young musical talent Domani Harris released a deluxe version earlier today. In “Time Will Tell,” the Atlanta native delivered a cohesive and well thought out project that bridged the musical gap between hip-hop and classical genres effortlessly. After receiving numerous requests from his fans, Domani took some time to deliver his music from a different state of mind.

“In 2019, I put out my first album “Time Will Tell” and as time told I realized I had more to say; I wanted the new music to come from a more mature state of mind so I fasted for 7 days to clear my mind to prepare for the project and reconnect with my fans”.

“Time Will Tell” (Deluxe) delivers a deeper look into who Domani is and where the next phase of his music will take us. Domani adds five new songs to the already stellar body of work, with “Daydream”, “Show Off” and a remastered version of “Used to Be” as well as the live versions of “One Day” and “The Truth”. “Daydream” featuring upcoming lyricist Reuben Vincent, takes you on a soulful ride with lyrics to complement the upbeat feeling. “Show Off”, which has a more trap feel and sound, lets fans remember where he’s from and where he gets his style, and “Used to Be” delivers a vibe like no other with Domani showcasing his vocals on the hook. This deluxe edition truly takes fans in for a closer look into the complex mind of Domani. While listening to this dope piece of art, be sure to connect with him on all social media and digital media platforms.

Connect With Domani Harris Socially:

Instagram: @Domani

Twitter: @iamDomani

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