Dr. Letka shares his “Behind The Mask” project

Dr Lekta is a emcee hailing from sunny Runcorn Murdishaw England bringing that raw hip hop sound combined with dark humour and social awareness.

He has been on numerous Digital Dynasty mixtapes hosted and featuring some of the best and most recognisable emcees in the game such as Cappadonna, Redman and Talib Kweli. He has also done tracks with Pacewon from The Outsidaz who Eminem back in the slim shady era use to be affiliated with and recently a song titled “Soft Emcees” with Awon who has a documentary on Netflix called “Underdogs”

Back in 2012 he had his track “L To The Head” featured as the intro music to one of the most viewed rap battles to date on Dont Flop with Lunar C Vs Uno Lavoz racking up over 2 million views and counting. He is now back in the lab working on aload of other material to feed the masses with his first official album “Behind The Mask”

The album shows 2 sides of Dr Lekta. 1 side which is a competitive emcee ready to eat up beats one by one the other where he is baring his soul to you about his personal life. This is something he has put alot into and proud of sharing to his listeners.

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