JULIANA. releases debut single “Call It Quits”

Pop artist JULIANA. has blessed pop music with her new single “Call It Quits” along with a vibrant music video to go along with it. The Southern-California based singer is not afraid to show her raw emotions in a beautifully told story about the tense moments at the end of a relationship. Through her lyrics and vibrant voice, JULIANA. takes this common, sad moment and instead converts it to a more positive and empowering moment. The music video shows scenes of a beautiful pool in West Hollywood and JULIANA. being a total queen in her bathing suits. The music, mixed with various elements of pop, builds up to this atmosphere of seeing this moment as a victory rather than a defeat, making this a song to wipe your tears off and understand your worth.

“Call It Quits” marks the beginning of JULIANA.’s career as a pop artist, and we believe there is no better way to start than with an empowering song like this! She has always been someone to love the spotlight, being raised around music. She dedicated time writing songs in high school and even reached the “Hollywood Round” of American Idol as a teenager! However, her love for music had to slow down as she dedicated time for the books in college and went through a few medical hurdles. But now, with her reborn love for music and vocals, JULIANA. is once again ready to hit the music scene!

Through her single and music video, JULIANA. already shares to the world her goal to motivate and inspire listeners to take control and look at the world with a positive view. “When you listen to my music, I want you to know that someone else is also feeling what you’re feeling in that moment,” she shares “I want to be able to share these moments and show that there is strength in the darkness and beauty in the light.” But you didn’t hear it from her, watch the video to see (and hear) for yourself just how she initiates her path to creating an atmosphere of positivity, empowerment, acceptance and control!

For more info on JULIANA., visit and follow her on Instagram @__juliana.____

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