hip hop

Chicago artist D3M1 releases his debut single “12 AM” with a message for the world to hear

Chicago native, D3M1 is a 22-year-old artist with a strong relationship with music and the reason why he became involved in music. Growing up as a socially awkward kid in the hood played a major role in how he dealt with life. He didn’t know how to express himself while growing up so there was no room for emotional support. D3M1 decides to hone in and use his gift to express himself and talk with music. The artist enjoys being outside, hanging with friends, and anime.


“If people want to learn about me -then go to my music because that pretty much tells it all,” says D3MI.

As D3M1 got older, he begins playing the piano, then to poetry, and ultimately writing music. He uses music as a way to talk about pain, happiness, sadness, or joy without really having an actual conversation about it.

His goal is to make as much of a positive impact on the world. Be sure to connect on social media and digital music platforms.





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