Mississippi’s Nigel James shines on his new single “For Me to You”

Making his way to 1stDayFresh as a solo artist for the first time is Nigel James. Those from Jackson and abroad may he familiar with the artist as one half of the popular alt-R&B group Pink Palaces. Their eclectic sound has been covered here before.

Today though we get a progression from Nigel as he steps out alone ahead of a new EP. This single “For Me to You” is more of a vent session for the budding artist. “The chorus to this song was written on the tail end of an acid trip and was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend where she made me realize (yet again) that I tend to take things personally when people don’t necessarily intend to hurt me. I wrote the verse after forcing myself to go to sleep and waking up four hours later. As a whole it’s sort of a message to myself that I’m giving to the listener. Hence the title, For Me to You.”

The record is admittedly moody but still relatable as we can all be hard on ourselves at times. Sonically Nigel James sounds right at home as a soloist. The vibe is real so peep it below.

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