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Jenny March Brings Us Back to the 90s With “All In”

“We’re unstoppable.” belts rising popstar, Jenny March, in her new 90s inspired electro-pop track ‘All In’, the second single off of her upcoming EP. Unstoppable is the best way to describe March as she chronicles the epic highs of a passionate relationship throughout her new confident single. From the instantaneous connection to the late-night adventures, March’s illustrative storytelling paints a picture of a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde taking over the world side by side.

The Ohio born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter’s intriguingly mysterious introduction creates a feeling of sheer electricity as the anticipation builds up to the first verse, flawlessly mirroring the feeling of meeting a stranger whom you feel you’ve somehow known your whole life. March wastes no time in diving into the thrilling relationship she describes in her candid lyrics. A self-proclaimed open book, March’s intimate lyrics are perfectly juxta positioned against an electrifyingly captivating pop melody in ‘All In’.

Inspired by that ride or die love of your life, “All In”, makes any listener feel like they would with their twin flame by their side; unstoppably powerful. “All In” is an intoxicating, self-assured track that, along with its tantalizing music video, perfectly toes the line of an exhilarating new love and a heady infatuation.

March looks and sounds empowered. Throughout her new track, the 22 year old is calling all the shots with her new flame by her side and having fun doing so. It is so wonderfully refreshing to see March bring so much of her individuality to both the single and video while also channeling pop icons such as Missy Elliot and Gwen Stefani. A 90s baby herself, the aesthetic for the electro-pop track, “All In”, is March’s tribute to the music, fashion and style of the decade.

In March’s follow-up single to the moody and fierce “November Nights”, she continues her streak of quintessential pop artistry. Sticking true to herself with honest lyrics, March pirouettes away from the toxicity and longing for validation in her debut single to a fiery passion in ‘All In’, describing the type of love where no mountain is too high and no river is too wide; the world is yours for the taking.

March’s second single not only cements her as a high-powered, rising force in music but is upending and undoing expectations all around. If Jenny March wasn’t on your radar before, she sure is now.

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