Kat Hamilton Explores Hope And Healing In Debut Album “Recovery Songs”

Genre defying singer-songwriter Kat Hamilton has released her debut album. Entitled Recovery Songs, the nine track release highlights her candid lyrics and poignant story of recovery after struggling with addiction, trauma and loss. Sonically, the album shines with a fusion of Americana-dipped indie rock.

On leading single “Medicine Line”, Hamilton tells a personal story of her time spent in a treatment program. Coming out the other side and healing is an intense journey, one that Hamilton overcame and ultimately sang about. Featuring stunning acoustic guitars and emotive vocals, Kat Hamilton makes the listener feel both her pain and hope simultaneously. Then there is the 90s soulful indie rock anthem “Amnesia” which profiles a relationship gone awry. The highlight of “Amnesia” is Kat Hamilton’s warm voice that dances around each note in a delicate yet still powerful way, which is rarely heard in today’s music.

Overall Recovery Songs is an important album relatable to anyone going thru a struggle. Her heartfelt delivery, infectious melodies and sincere songwriting make Kat Hamilton an artist to watch.


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