Giddens, The Expat (Berlin, Germany) – D’ussé on Ice | Video

Coming at you all the way from Berlin, Germany; Giddens, The Expat presents his latest single “D’ussé on Ice”.

With this track, Giddens shows another side of his musical taste, inspired by Soulection member Sango, who is known for his ‘Da Rocinha’ series. 

The beat by Carsten Schedler is a remix. 
The original instrumental spawns from Hi-One, friend, and producer from Düsseldorf (Germany).

Another testament to Giddens & Schedler’s ability to recognise talent and to pitch a great musical production. Nevertheless, D’ussé on Ice stays within the realm of Bona Fide with an honest approach to the contents of the song.

The main topic is self-improvement and growth – a positive pursuit for happiness which Giddens explores throughout the Bona Fide storyline.
Yet D’ussé on Ice glides on lighter waves as the song takes you on a vacation trip with all the delights from boat rides to sandbanks to being drunk and high at the same time.

During his last trip to NYC in 2018 Giddens returned with a couple of bottles of D’ussé Cognac, smooth spicy and foreign in taste, which inspired the title. Those bottles have been saved up for the right occasions. 
D’ussé cannot be purchased in Europe – Dussé on Ice however will be available on all streaming services worldwide.

Check out the video and stream the song below.

Find Giddens here:


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