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R&B trio BLK emerge as ones to watch with ‘Got It’ video

BLK began their journey in the midst of 2020’s quarantine, sharing R&B single ‘Got It’ with the world. Since then, the standout track has over 680,000 streams on Spotify, which is extremely impressive for a group that hasn’t had the opportunity to perform live all year.

Not leaving fans without, BLK are showing their different personalities and styles off in the new music video for ‘Got It’. What’s really interesting about these three Toronto artists is that they’re so different, but they make it work, finding a middle-ground where the magic comes alive.

As Korahjay proudly states, “We are changing the narrative on women working together.”

“The idea of creating a girl-group was amazing because Toronto has never really seen one. We cut a track—it was fire—and we decided to keep going,” continues Bexk.

Leaving us with one last note, Lilac X says that “We’re showing that there’s not one type of woman or girl. You can be anything. You can dress any way.”

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