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Crush Poe – Owed (Official Music Video)

New Fire Alert!! Crush Poe out here dropping sauce back 2 back. Crush just released visuals to his joint “Hustler’s Ambition” which was fire but now this! This just another joint added to the sauce. The visuals to his joint “OWED” is finally here! It’s also out on all digital platforms as well. A must watch right here. This some real spill for the streets & the culture right here. This joint was too real! Giving off hustle vibes that everybody need to hear if you ask me. Crush Poe made me a fan of his music because there’s more to him than just music. Some wouldn’t understand. Crush Poe is in his own lane as an artist, PERIOD. Straight from the trenches with a whole lot of game to give the youth & culture in general. His rawness & delivery make you really feel his music.

The Harlem artist been doing his thing for a little while now & he’s elevating as he drops. With so much music to come, he just giving us heat right now. Happy I listened to him talk heavy on this. One of the most underrated artists coming out the city & it’s very few of them. The way he puts it together is incredible. Not too many artists giving that old 90’s Hip hop feel when it comes to the music. You really hear what he talking about. We need more of this in the music game right now. This is something you can bump & just listen! That hustle talk different!  That Sauce.

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