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Wh1te Boy Josh – So Dope

New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Wh1te Boy Josh who’s full name is Joshua B. Williams just dropped some sauce off for us. The rising artist released his anticipated single “So Dope” not too long ago & it’s straight sauce. The 28 year old artist has been rapping since he was 18. Heavily inspired by Mac Miller when he was a freshman at college. Unfortunately between the ages of 18-23, he struggled with self confidence & identity issues. After awhile music & marijuana became his comfort zone and made him feel good about his self. Eventually, he started to embrace the true him and who he really was. Josh still continued to freestyle rap, trying to mimic flows of other artists until eventually he came up with his own! Then about a little over a year ago, he started to write & record in the studio. It’s been history ever since.

Some of his recent musical influences have been NLE Choppa & Megan The Stallion. He’s working on a mixtape/album currently and he just dropped a new song called “David Dobrik” which is also on ALL platforms. Eventually he’s looking to break into fashion and help design clothes, shoes, etc.. With hopes & dreams of becoming a signed artist he’s been learning the business nonstop. With all his insight that he has now, he’s leaning more towards being an independent artist because he think he can learn how to be successful in the industry on his own. Maybe start a label one day who knows. He’s definitely getting better with each new song that he works on. He may be a white boy but the way he spitting, you can tell he got the sauce! That sauce right here! Check It!

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