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First Day Feature: niceymost discusses his new single “Fake Smiles” and upcoming album

There are few things as rewarding musically as an artist who’s comfortable in their sound. Particularly with indie artists who are on the rise you can find that they don’t necessarily know what they do best. This is understandable though, as they say practice makes perfect. That being said, seeing the development come to fruition is where lifelong fans can be hooked.

Coming from Central Florida is niceymost, a burgeoning MC who is ready to prove he has hit his own stride musically. With years under his belt, he is now ready to take things to the next level with the release of his debut LP “The Summer That Never Happened” on the horizon. The set is a culmination of niceymost falling into a pocket of comfort, encompassed by the lead single “Fake Smiles”.

“When I was recording this single, I really felt like I found myself as an artist and what I wanted to bring to music. Sharke, a long time friend and producer, sent the record over and it was done within the same day. I felt like this single would be the perfect way to kick off my album.”

niceymost takes a crisp sample of Miguel’s “Girl With The Tattoo (Enter.Lewd)”, allowing for a perfect backdrop sonically to “Fake Smiles”. His talent as an MC is shown as he let’s his bars lead the way, addressesimh the fakes in his life. The verse is witty, bold and content-filled, proving their is no one box to contain niceymost as an artist.

As “Fake Smiles” continues to make waves, evident by it’s media coverage from major outlets like elevator-mag, ThisIs50, Earmilk and others, we sat down with niceymost to chat about the single and more. Follow the full Q&A below:

To begin things introduce yourself to anyone who may be getting to know you for the first time.

I am niceymost, an artist coming out of Central Florida.

How did you get your start making music? What convinced you to step out there as an artist officially?

Well I’ve been recording music since I was 14 or 15, and passing out mixtapes in high school. I started doing that because I was always battling, I battled everybody from their mother to great grandmother, and great great grandfather. I didn’t care, I was out to prove I was better than anyone at this craft. So then, I decided to put out my music, and it was received as well as when I battled in front of people. Then I started taking the time to learn how to craft records. Then around 2015, I made the official “I am going to be an artist and songwriter” push.

Your new single “Fake Smiles” is available worldwide now. What was it like crafting this new track?

Man, it’s crazy. I texted the homie Sharke. He’s been on a tear with production for Tsu Surf, Trev Rich, and LBS Keevin. He had a beat I heard maybe two years ago, and we were talking about working on a single together. And then I told him pull that beat up, he sent it over, I crushed it and voila we’re here.

What made you feel as though “Fake Smiles” was the right record to lead off the run to your new album?

This was the very first time, and I’ve been recording for 10 years plus, I figured out how I was supposed to sound like.

How has the feedback been for the single thus far on your end?

Everyone has been very receptive to the single, especially to the production and the wordplay. They all love the chocolate candy scheme I threw in there a lot.

Switching back to your upcoming project, what details can you share for what to expect with us?

What you can expect is an audio trip, man. More importantly, a concise reason why I am an artist that will be around for a while. “The Summer That Never Happened” will be released towards the end of the year.

How do you feel the music you’ve made that’s coming separates itself from what you’ve done in the past?

I feel like I found myself as an artist, not forced, or playing around. I just feel more comfortable in my writing style. And what my intent is as an artist – to show what it means to KNOW YOURSELF, which in turn inspires others to get to know themselves.

What is your favorite part of being an artist? Some people prefer songwriting, some being on stage. What is most rewarding to you?

Right now, it’s the songwriting ability. I’ve been able this year to executive producer another project – KA3, Feelings Inside Not Expressed (F.I.N.E), and with her blessing it has sharpened up a tool that I’ve had. It definitely shows throughout “Fake Smiles” and the upcoming album.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’ve been a part of, and released more content this year than the previous five years combined. So if you want to get familiar as this flight takes off, there’s enough to solidfy I’m going for it.

Outside of the album you have on deck what else should people be on the lookout for from you?

Like I said check out the EP from KA3, that I got executive producer credit on. Look out for GeoDayDreamy’s single, “Lemme Find Out” that I played a part in. Album coming at the end of the year – videos to come in 2021, COVID dependent.

Any last words before we conclude?

It has been a humble honor to be apart of this interview, and everyone reading this please follow me on all social media & clubhouse – @niceymost

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