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Moe Faygoo Needs “Help” In New Video

Moe Faygoo is back yet again and this time-around, the budding Ohio-area rapper is applying pressure with his latest anthem “Help.”

The track itself is yet another installment of his high-eneryg flow and potent punchlines. Seemingly chronicling the downside of getting too-turnt-up, moe capitalizes on the lightheartedness of the song as he raps on the hook, “Help, I’ve fallen/I can’t get up/Popped three 20’s, now I can’t sit up.”

In addition to “Help” Moe Faygo has released a flurry of bangers in visual form. HipHopXclusives covered his single hit “If” last month, and he also delivered visuals for “Whora Thee Explora.”

Watch the full video for “Help” below and stay locked-in with Moe Faygo via Instagram here.

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