Josh Stevens Pays Homage to His Daughter In “Hello Darling”

Anna Azarov Photography

Josh Stevens is a triple threat: a prolific singer, songwriter and producer. The famed artist has worked with some of industry’s best, including Pitbull, LMFAO, Calvin Harris and more. We are most excited though about his solo project. Combining pop, folk and electronica, Josh’s music is a unique fusion. His latest single is entitled “Hello Darling” and is all about the love and appreciation he has in his life for women, most notably his new daughter. The track soars with layered harmonies where his husky vocals shine. “Hello Darling” details his hope for a better future for his daughter, one in which she won’t experience the pain that comes from living in a sexist world.

Since bursting unto the scene a few years ago, Josh Stevens has unveiled a handful of emotive releases. He often pairs them with lyric videos and “Hello Darling” is no exception. The video showcases his trip to Japan, where he recorded the track with Octave Music. With inspirational lyrics, driving basslines and bright soundscapes, Josh proves to us all that music is universal.

Take a watch of “Hello Darling” and appreciate the special one in your life.

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