Middle Part Releases Debut EP “I Wish I Was Alive”

Ego, death and vulnerability are intense existential themes that are rarely found in today’s music releases. That has changed though with Brooklyn-based Middle Part and his debut EP I Wish I Was Alive. From dealing with mental health issues, realizing self worth through loss of ego and embracing friendships for what they are, Middle Part thoughtfully has concocted a body of music that is as poignant as it is true.

The EP was written all around the United States including Alaska, Nashville and New York and a lot of it was written during the time of quarantine. On the music, Middle Part confides, “This EP means everything to me. I got to explore some of the deepest parts about myself that I had no idea were even there, and not all of it was pleasant. It gave me the energy to do this full time and also allowed me a creative freedom that I’ve never had access to.”

Leading single “&Cry!” is synth infused grunge pop dripping with distorted vocals and animated melodies. While “Busy” evokes 90s and early millennium pop with nostalgic acoustic guitars and laid back vocals. On “Heartbeat” the listener can hear the dark dreaminess of Middle Part’s chaotic brain with washed out synths, soaring basslines and futuristic digital production.

The EP is a lot like the time we are living in, insane but hopefully candid, nostalgic yet looking ahead for a better future.

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