Fleetwood Tizzle Drops “Heavenly Flow” Single


Fleetwood Tizzle formerly known as Main Stream, currently resides in Douglasville Georgia , but is originally from Columbus, Georgia. He started his interest in writing music at the age of 12 in Hopewell Virginia, which led to him joining a group called 360 (Dollagang 360) between the ages of 15-22. During that time, they released a wide range of music.
Within the group he was originally known as Main Stream, but sadly he had to reinvent himself after a 7-year period of incarceration for an armed robbery, and that’s how he became the artist that he is today known as Fleetwood Tizzle. He also chose to become a semi-truck driver over the street life to fund his music career.

Fleetwood Tizzle has now been creating music for 23 plus years as an artist and songwriter. He creates different genres of relatable music that ranges from Hip Hop, R&B, Rock & Roll, Country, and EDM. He has released several tunes including “Saucology”, “Eclipse Me”, “All On U Babe”, “Dream On”, “I Came In” “Daily Scriptures” & just recently “Heavenly Flow”.  He has worked with artists like Sy Ari Da Kid, MIKExANGEL and a few other gifted artists. 

This year to date he is more in tune than ever, creating unique sounding music which is far from the norm. So look out for plenty more to come from this versatile songwriter/artist as he delivers a wide range of music to this streaming generation.

Follow Fleetwood Tizzle:
Instagram @fleetwoodtizzle  
Twitter @fleetwoodtizzle

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