Jahsamir – Game 7

Jahsamir's latest single titled, "Game 7".   "Game 7" is the song you listen to when you need that extra push and elevate you to your next step. This song is about drive and never letting your ambition die. When hearing this you gotta treat every moment like it’s "Game 7" and go hard.


A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth – Your Side @PimpSweetTooth

It’s been a while since the Greenville, South Carolina native, Atlanta transplant, and 1/2 of Southern Playas own A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth dropped a single but “Your Side” was definitely worth the wait. It features fellow Playas Club Music Group executive Suni MF who’s been creating quite a buzz on the writing side of the industry after… Continue reading A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth – Your Side @PimpSweetTooth


MoCity – Benchwarmers @Mocitysw

MoCity's latest album titled, "Benchwarmers".   Milwaukee native, MoCity, follows up his first studio album,P4TG (Pray For The Gemini), with Benchwarmers. MoCity stated that P4TG was more about him as an individual while Benchwarmers is about where he is from, and all the people who've helped him put this album together.    MoCity said, "I am a team player above all else. I think the world… Continue reading MoCity – Benchwarmers @Mocitysw


Young Hungry Money Monsters – New Day

Young Hungry Money Monsters' latest single titled, "New Day".   Young Hungry Money Monsters are from the east side of Baltimore MD. This group consists of Ost Moe and Fatrod, both up and coming artists with a different sound! After completing shows with artists such as YFN Lucci, Lil Donald, Johnny Cinco, etc. these artists pride themselves in… Continue reading Young Hungry Money Monsters – New Day


Drey Skonie – Alive @Dreyskonie

Drey Skonie's latest visual for his single titled, "Alive".   "This song was made from pain, facing grown-up obstacles, and wanting to give up. Especially during these current events. But I knew I needed to make a song expressing this, because I know I'm not the only one praying for change." -Drey Skonie VIEW HERE


G. Battles – Mind Of A Champion @g_battles

G. Battles' latest single titled, "Mind Of A Champion", produced by Brockett Parsons whom is the pianist for Lady Gaga.   Inspired by the adversity faced by young rapper G. Battles, his latest single 'Mind of a Champion', is a triumphant achievement.   A collaboration with singer Aloe Joel, the track received interest from Storm (from Tupac Shakur's group; The Outlawz) who has a guest feature… Continue reading G. Battles – Mind Of A Champion @g_battles