Meet Dallas Based AfroBeats Artist: TheMoney

TheMoney is an AfroBeats artist residing in Dallas, TX. Outside of being a talented singer, he's an entrepreneur and philanthropist. His car dealership for kids, Toddler Motors, is in the Galleria Mall in Dallas. He is also currently building a hotel in Liberia. His new EP is dropping soon with Empire distribution titled “Who Is Eddie Kane” which features Hylan Starr and DJ Scream.Check out… Continue reading Meet Dallas Based AfroBeats Artist: TheMoney

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Darren Waller Releases His Latest Project Titled “Walking Miracle” 

LISTEN HERENewly signed to the NY Giants, Darren Waller drops his fourth album titled “Walking Miracle” along with a video for the self-produced track, School of Hard Blocks. VIEW HERE On this project, Darren is more heavily involved in the production, making 9 of the 13 beats. The evolution of his sound continues to expand with different vibes on each track… Continue reading Darren Waller Releases His Latest Project Titled “Walking Miracle” 


Johnny Crown Drops Latest Single “Marilyn Monroe”

LISTEN HERE Johnny Crown's latest single 'Marilyn Monroe' showcases many varying elements. With an instrumental that combines the modern era with the 1950's sonics of Marilyn Monroe's time using deep booming 808 bass, snapping rapid fire hi hats, and crisp claps juxtaposed against a Jazz Age horn section, scat vocals looped, and vintage strings.  The… Continue reading Johnny Crown Drops Latest Single “Marilyn Monroe”


Travius Keandric Releases “MOLLY” Visual

Travius Keandric ended the fourth quarter of last year strong with his impressive single, "MOLLY." Since then, the release has amassed impressive numbers including 500k+ views on YouTube and its momentum continues to pour into 2023.David-L and Dash-TV helped bring the record to life on the big-screen as directors, as well as everyone else involved.… Continue reading Travius Keandric Releases “MOLLY” Visual