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Baby P Reveals How “Vibe With Me” Landed Him A Deal With Young Paper Chasers

Belzoni, Mississippi, artist, YPC Baby P, is an rapper, singer, and songwriter. He developed his passion for music and his sound in his bedroom early on as a teenager. What really motivated Baby P was having a child at the young age of 15. With no support from family and lack of support from peers, he wanted to prove the doubters wrong by going hard daily to perfect his craft as a musical artist.

He also found inspiration through his famous aunt, whose stage name is Denise LaSalle (American Blues, R&B, and Soul Singer).

After making the difficult decision to drop out of college and pursue music professionally, it was soon after that Baby P recorded his hit, “Vibe with Me.”

Months later he was contacted by indie record label, Young Paper Chasers (YPC), who then signed the Mississippi artist. Since signing, Baby P has worked with other artists such as, TLE Cinco, OMB Peezy, Big Boogie, and Lil Migo.

YPC Baby P is working on his debut album entitled, Heart of the Delta, set to release January 15, 2021.

Baby P is creating a lane for himself garnering fans in every region. With the Young Paper Chasers movement in full effect, YPC Baby P is soon to be a house hold name!

Baby P and the Young Paper Chasers will be touring world wide when the new album is complete; until then, we’re looking forward to what else Baby P has in store, so stay tuned!

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