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With New Singles “Alone” & “Monster,” Nite Lite Promises An Exhilarating Season

Brooklyn, New York, native, Nite Lite has been spitting bars for many years, and has recently accomplished a few hundred thousand streams on her latest singles, “Alone,” and “Monster.”

Nite Lite being from Brooklyn was influenced by the iconic female artists, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. She recalled when they first hit the scene she wanted to be just like them and she would rap Foxy Browns verses in the bathroom mirror.

Nite Lite started recording hip-hop music at an early age and gained a lot of attention from her peers and family.

She also runs Nite Lite Entertainment, playing the role as the lead artist. She has set up her own deals to help flourish in the music industry. Nite Lite’s drive in business is unmatched, closing deals for herself and her record label.

With her hit single “Lockdown” she was able to market it to over 600k listeners on Spotify.

Female executives such as Nite Lite have created opportunities for other women to get into position in hip-hop to keep the industry diverse.  She is setting up to release a couple of new projects to bring here name to the forefront of music once more. With her latest singles “Alone” and “Monster” climbing up the Spotify rankings, it will soon be a Nite Lite season.

Nite Lite is a definite force in this game to be recognized, so be sure to stay tuned for more!

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