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Moe Faygoo Rounds-Up The Troops In “Foenem” Video

Moe Faygoo remains steadfast in his campaign of consistent video-singles with his latest offering “Foenem.”

As Big Faygoo and the gang turn a modest airbnb into a a booty club, he lets off some of his most crude, yet neatly composed bars as he raps,”I’m acting too important/Cuz bitch I’m too important/Just like I got two endorsements/Like I’m on the Forbe’s list/On my way to Source’s/Sike I’m going to court bitch.” The track is quickly gaining streams due to several viral social media posts, like the TikTok challenges Faygoo orchestrated.

The Ohio native fires off his latest effort just weeks after he dropped his heater, “Help,” and continues to add to his string of diverse releases in 2020, like his smoked-out, melodic “Lifting My Spirit,” single.

He has also teased several upcoming collaborations including new music with Shoreline Mafia rap star OHGEESY and Michigan heavyweight Icewear Vezzo.

Watch the full video for “Foenem,” below.

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