Pop Artist Charli releases new single “Little Love”

LA based pop artist Charli just released a new single entitled “Little Love.” The track is one of three songs released from her award-winning short film The Time Left.

In “Little Love”, the song expresses a soul-bearing glimpse into Charli’s personal journey as she faces struggles and defeat. “I just need a little love,” sings Charli. Most of us can resonate with these deeply powerful words, which is why her raw and organic delivery proves so impactful. Charli adds, “I wrote it when I really thought that nobody loved me, and that feeling was deep –  it was like I was screaming with my last breath that I was here and that I needed help.” Featuring warm, loose vocals and a world of heartfelt emotion, the song inspires empathy, togetherness, and showcases the artist’s thoughtful and effective style of songwriting. 

Charli is a French American singer/songwriter who draws influence from acclaimed artists such as Anastacia, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, and Destiny’s Child.

“Little Love” won Best Original Song at the Indie Music Festival in 2021. Her short film, The Time Left, won four separate awards and received several nominations at various festivals across the world last year.

Listen to Charli’s new single “Little Love” here:


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