Lauren Lakis’s Riveting New Visuals for “Sail Away”

Lauren Lakis has built a career out of her enthralling dark rock fused with shoegaze and dream pop releases. Following her 2019 EP Sad Girl Breakfast, Lakis returns with a series of singles culminating into a full length album set for release later this month. Her latest offering is the invigorating and melancholy “Sail Away” which highlights her haunting echoing vocals. “Sail Away” also showcases the most soul-stirring guitars heard in rock music in the last few years, (reminds me of a cinematic soundtrack behind a medieval victorious battle).

Thematically “Sail Away” discusses embracing ones own inner child and innocence. It is about being playful but also protective of that side of you that is pure and vulnerable. Lakis created a fiercely artistic visual to accompany the track that fits the moody yet vibrant single.

Enjoy “Sail Away” now and get excited for new music to come from this rising rock songwriter.

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