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Just In: Houston Rapper Y GetteUp Makes A Statement Before Turning Himself Into Authorities After Gang Violence Erupts At Block Party

Y Sit GetteUp turned himself in to the Houston Police department this past Friday following a shooting at a local block party around 7:30pm.

According to new sources, the Houston rapper attended a block party with Trae Tha Truth, T.i., Young Thug, Shad Da God, Translee, and 5ive Mics, along with almost 1,000 other party goers.

Following the party GetteUp turned himself to police authorities saying “Streets get a little crazy you watch who you keep around you, Y’all out here saying yall active, look this ain’t a game, this sh*t is real, this ain’t industry this in the streets. And when you are in the streets you gotta be prepared to do what you have to do, so I’m going to lay down for a while.” 

He is accused of on murder charges, inciting a riot, pandemonium, & more. It’s rumored that gang members started the drama over relationship disputes.  

One person was found dead, while the other four shooting suspects have yet to be identified. Police say that Y Sit GetteUp must serve 8 to 12 months without a court date for violating his probation.  

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