Ignite Mindz drops new single “OK so KO” alongside Kayla Marie

Ignite Mindz and his wife Kayla Marie unleash the kraken, and a payload of the latest in soundbombing weapons technology on the new single “OK so KO” from the upcoming album. Beginning with a 1930s woman trapped in a giant organ screaming for help from her murderer, she’s drowned out by thunderous harmonizing synthesizers. Ignite plays piano and the Moog 15 on this bombastic production, while he and his wife tag team the chorus with combos. The lyrics touch on classic horror movie monsters, bad country music, the Temple of Doom, trying to hang with Snoop & Willie Nelson, Talladega Nights, Pac in Juice, B.I.G., and X Men sentinels. It’s engineered by Ignite’s old boss, the Grammy nominated Ian Schreier. So lay low. No? OK… get KO’d.

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