YB brings his red-hot visual for “Fire Emoji VII”

God-fearing, rhyme slingin’ hip-hop artist YB delivers the red-hot visual for “Fire Emoji VII” off his latest album Fire Emoji The Finale.

YB concludes the series with a powerful cinematic experience. “Fire Emoji VII is intended to put the bow on a monumental moment for my supporters. They helped the original Fire Emoji amass a million plus streams and sparked a fire in what we’re doing,” he says.

Fire Emoji The Finale has more than 2.3 million streams across all DSPs since its release in November, which improves YB’s growing resume that includes 63K monthly Spotify listeners.

Amplified by roaring production, sharp visuals, and vivid color schemes “Fire Emoji VII” is a captivating rap video. YB continues his passionate, lyrical firestorms that are intended to uplift his listeners.

With rhymes like, “Because of my God, I’m one of a kind / That’s with a capital K, opened my mind, renewing my thoughts, it’s a marathon not a race.” Viewers will understand that his words are crafted with precision. The scenery in “Fire Emoji VII” is the most elaborate of YB’s recent music videos.

“We wanted to step it up. This was our way of turning up for what’s to come,” he adds.

“Fire Emoji VII” is available now across all DSPs and YouTube. For updates and more information about YB please visit the social media links below.

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