C.J. Watson aims to spread a message on his third LP “CHRIS”

C.J. Watson’s third solo studio album, “CHRIS” starts off 2021 with a breath of fresh air. Singles like “Keep A Weapon” featuring Hip-Hop legend Raekwon of the critically acclaimed group Wu-Tang Clan, shows that C.J. Watson isn’t messing around in this 24 track, double-sided LP.

Chris ‘C.J.’ Watson says, “I want to make Hip-Hop, not rap music. […] thought provoking, with a message, fun, and lyrical.” C.J. Watson’s passion for the genre is on full display as we journey through storytelling, heavy bass, and different themes of C.J. Watson’s life experiences. “I’m a concept rapper, not a conscious rapper,” explains C.J. Watson when discussing songs like The Messiah and Alpha Male, both produced by Poetic Killa of Boston, Mass.

The Dallas, Texas emcee connected with a few hometown heros to bring his vision to life including Rakim Al-Jabbaar, Jayson Lyric & Kenny Smith. “I recorded like 42 songs while on lockdown during the quarantine. Garshar and I picked the best ones, and the ones that we thought would fit together,” C.J. Watson says in reference to composer/production management Garshar ‘Songbird’ Christopher. The CHRIS album is also co-executive produced by James ‘J. Waiters’ Monticue and Randy D. James.

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