KAS brings the Valentine’s vibes with Eric Bellinger on “Inhale”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, KAS encapsulates the all consuming feelings of love with his upcoming release “Inhale,” featuring singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger. The intoxicating record sings haunting melodies of a more intimate side of KAS met by Bellinger’s hypnotizing cadence careening across the hook. Marking the Brooklyn rapper’s first release of the new year, “Inhale” departs from KAS’ typical playful demeanor and shepherds his listeners to a sonic landscape of passion, lust and everything in-between.

“It’s when two people connect with each other on such a high level, that being next to them isn’t enough…” explains Kas. “I wrote my verse thinking about how crazy that feeling is… when love is a drug and we both get addicted. I want to stay on her mind and be taken in so much by her that it’s almost like being inhaled.” So take a deep breath, and look out for “INHALE,” streaming on all major platforms now.

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