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Exclusive: Dus10 MZK kicks off his rap career with debut single “Five Star”

While 1DF is a brand that by all means supports artists from all walks of life, make no mistake, it was birthed right on the gulf coast in Moss Point, Mississippi. With that being said it is with great pleasure I help introduce one of the city’s latest acts Dus10 as he presents his debut single “Five Star”. The track encapsulates Dus10’s carefree attitude and laid back persona.

Dus10 has long been considered a tastemaker in his time here in Mississippi, Atlanta and other regions. The multi-faceted talent has had his hands in film, fashion, creative directing and of course dancing. How did he end up at this point of becoming an MC, well it just happened organically according to him. ” I didnt actually plan transition into it. I fell into it. I had a day off of work, the next day due to a holiday. I’d read an article that popped up about meek killing a freestyle. I listened, loved the beat and freestyled on it. Found another beat that had Nip on it, I was messing up a few bars and felt i wasnt giving the beat justice. So I just wrote 16 bars to it. I rapped it to my sister on facetime and she was like that’s hard, you should post it on your social media. On Veterans Day, I did just that. 3 or 4 people said they’d listen to it if i cleaned it up in the studio. So I thought if I got a solid 10 ppl asking for me to do a actual song I would. Later that day, I did & now here I am.

Sonically, he keeps it pimping on this debut release, a thing he thinks is missing from the south currently. “I see the south as missing a certain sound. My approach is to tweak the ears of listeners to help other rappers that attempt to tap into that southernplayerlistic, space age pimpin, bounce that ass, “yea hoe” sound to these trap beats. I want to take them down memory lane emotionally with a dash of witty bars and word play for sazón.”

Check out what he has to offer below with the preview montage and be sure to keep an eye out for the release on all streaming platforms coming very soon.

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