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Local Voice Marcoof500 Returns to the Airwaves With Release of New Single “Cartel Mode”

Local talent Marcoof500 continues his upward trend with the release of single “Cartel Mode” this winter.

The 23-year-old artist blends west and east coast flare—reminiscent to seasoned hip-hop listeners—combining in a raw three-minute track. 

Marcoof500 has been making music since 2018; slowly leaving his mark throughout the east coast scene with a do-it-yourself attitude and relentless grind to get where he is today. Every inch of ground he’s picked up has been made on his own. 

“I just have to be a true self-starter.” He said. “When you come from nothing you have to constantly strive for more success in order to feed you family.”

Hailing from Virginia, Marcoof500 has been his entire brand, with the creation of his own studio, merch line and promotion. The dedication to his own dream has earned the respect of his online following in the thousands. 

Industry commenters have Marcoof500 on their radar as an emerging talent, noting the young voice has already played tours through Hawaii, California, and even Japan. 

“Nearly every track Marcoof500 writes is banger material.” Openthenews.com wrote, “catchy as hell.”

This latest single can be found streaming everywhere now, alongside prior drops including “The Travels of Marco,” “Kitchen Chronicles,” “Marco the Merchant,” and “Durag Bandit.”




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