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New York-Based Artist Mawi Drops The Refreshing Single “Old Me, New Me” | @Mawi510

New York-based artist Mawi drops the refreshing and uplighting new single “Old Me, New Me” now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. 
Challenging his old self to become a better version of him, “Old Me, New Me” is a fun and energetic anthem that introduces listeners to an artist destined for big things. Now residing in New York, Mawi does some self-reflection over the uptempo and fun production and delivers a truly feel-good and radio-ready anthem with his latest release. Mawi blends an influence of R&B and Pop musically and vocally floats over the bouncy bassline and well-placed chord progressions. Mawi’s approach to songwriting is a breath of fresh air as he gives listeners a piece of himself with an honest and modest approach. With superstar-like talents, Mawi still finds a way to come across as your cool neighbor next door, letting listeners in and giving them a chance to get to know his highs and lows through his music. 
With over 1 Million streams amassed worldwide, Mawi has been steadily growing his fanbase organically via SoundCloud and Instagram releases, giving his fans a chance to witness his growth and rise in real-time. With the potential to blow as an artist or songwriter, Mawi’s previous popular releases include the emotional ballad You’ve Once Known and the funky jam “Patience.” Don’t be afraid to dig into Mawi’s discography on Apple Music or Spotify, as each song reveals an artist not afraid to take risks musically with each release sounding more unique and developed than the next. 
Be sure to press play on “Old Me, Me New” and follow Mawi on Instagram to keep up with new releases and updates on his up and coming music. 


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