Siena Bjorn’s “Easy Tiger” Is Seductive Alt R&B

Siena Bjorn unveils her latest Jazz-infused alternative R&B banger. Entitled “Easy Tiger”, her smooth and soulful vocals glide over the acid Jazz inspired downtempo soundscapes. The thought provoking release is meant to inspire women to stand up for what they want and need in life. Whether it be in working relationships, romantic relationships or friendships, “Easy Tiger” shows us all to trust our gut and be strong in our convictions. The Denver, Colorado raised singer is not only a songwriter and a musician, but also an actress. Her music blends R&B, soul, Jazz, pop and electronic for a deliciously decadent treat for the ears.

“Easy Tiger” is the first release of the year for Siena Bjorn following last year’s single releases “Thoughts in Spring”, “Rebel, Session 12” and “Dissonance”. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next for this artist on the rise.

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