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Benia – Long Way

New Sauce Alert! Coming all the way from the Washington D.C. area Benia just released his latest single “The Long Way” which is on all platforms right now. Benia grew up just outside the D.C. area where he has been making music for quite some time now. When it comes to music creation Benia actually has been, producing, engineering, & recording all his music himself & it’s been that way since he started. He has some big plans for 2021. This is just the one of many singles he plan on dropping. He’s been the studio non-stop just recording new music. This track is a vibe. Once you turn it on, you are gonna want to let it play.

This track, “The Long Way” puts you in a mood when listening to it. That real story telling music right here. His music a loose generalization of life, self expression, & what’s next. Benia is next to emerge and ready to deliver. Benia began using music to draw audiences through the telling his truth, & overcoming his triumphs. Motivated, and full of energy, emerging artist, Benia got some big goals this year as he continues to drop new music. He’s bringing more content (projects, visuals) & we should be seeing him connect with more artists! Won’t be the last time you see him, so get in tune.

Check Out Benia’s Latest Single!

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