Queenie Lasoul brings her “Freed Up” visual to the masses

Queenie Lasoul’s upcoming release “Freed Up” is a two-song single featuring songs “Freed Up” and “Mind Straight.” Executive produced by Danny Lewie, the project starts with a Lo-Fi feel laced with Lasoul’s old school “Brooklyn-inspired” hip-hop performance traveling to a new-age, bouncy, trap-inspired tune.

The project ranges from thoughtful and mellow to colorful, animated, and lively, addressing Queenie’s Perception of 2020’s current events, future aspirations, self-love, and message of knowing one’s purpose.

Queenie Lasoul is a bilingual Panamanian lyricist born and raised in Brooklyn, New york. She uses her witty wordplay, jovial delivery, and dynamic cadence as a poetic meditation to fuel her pursuit of freedom through self-expression in music.

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