The Clockwork’s Rock Banger “Feels So Real”

Garage rock four-piece The Clockworks are back with the hard-hitting “Feels So Real”. The reverb-dipped guitars and fuzzy bass are the soundtrack under post punk inspired vocals describing city scenes. “Feels So Real” highlights what the band does best, create gritty and punchy rock that says something. In the just over three minute song, the city’s buzz, diversity and dichotomy are all examined. From “tripping over bottle tops and syringes” to “looking for love in the dark”, The Clockworks take listeners on an evening drenched in adventure, insanity and ultimately hope.

Discovered by the one and only Alan McGee (Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain), the band is singed to his label ‘Creation23’ and have since released a handful of singles. The Clockworks are comprised of James McGregor on vocals/guitar, Sean Connelly on guitar, Damian Greaney on drums and Tom Freeman on bass. We can’t wait to hear what is next from these talented guys but in the meantime, check out “Feels So Real” now.

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