Beatppl.com presents “High Voltage” by SkiBeatz | Instrumental Single

Beatppl.com drops the “High Voltage” single, produced by SkiBeatz, off their ‘Diggin’ In The Wires’ Volumes 1 & 2 Modbap compilation.

“Diggin’ In The Wires” (DITW) features almost 20 beatmakers who are exploring and pushing the boundaries of hip hop music production with the incorporation of modular synthesis and electronic boom-bap vibes, otherwise known as Modbap.

MODBAP is the fusion of modular synthesis and boom-bap (or any form of hip-hop) music production. The term was created by Corry Banks as a denotation of his experiments with modular synthesis and boom-bap music production. From that point forward, a movement was born where like-minded creatives built a community around the idea of Modbap. Modbap Modular is the result of that movement in synthesizer design space where we’d previously not existed.

Avid Modbap movement supporter, Switched On Bap & SmackPack challenge creator – legendary producer SkiBeatz (Jay-Z, Camp Lo, and many more) contributed to the compilation with a banger that opens up the project on volume 1. Also present and contributing heat are the creators and innovators of the Modbap movement – BboyTech, Voltage CTRLR, and Upright, to name a few. Also, Kyspski drops by to supply 2 very special Syntablism (Turntablism and Modular Sythesis) intros/interludes.

Check out the single and check out “Diggin’ In The Wires” below.

Diggin' In The Wires (Vol. 1) by BeatPPL


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