Julian Skiboat Feels Confined In “My Room”

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Julian Skiboat shares his thoughts on loneliness, boredom, and having an apathetic perspective on life in his new single “My Room.” Possibly stemming from over a year in isolation due to the pandemic, the song is highly relatable but with a catchy vibe, so it won’t leave you feeling blue.

“My Room” tells the story of Julian being confined to his room, which is like most of us this year. However, his honest lyrics are accompanied by soothing chilled vocals, jazzy guitar and upbeat instrumentation which feels quite different from the drab story he is telling.  “I have such a love for this song because I think it really represents me well.  Having this upbeat happy instrumental with slightly somber lyrics really embodies me as a whole.” 

Julian is known for is “sad boy” songs but now he is transitioning as an artist with themes that are shaped by his experiences and that provide his listeners with a sense of peace, hope, and comfort.

Check out Julian Skiboat’s single “My Room” here and remember to stay hopeful and check-in on your friends.

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