AG Brizzle Gives Us New “You Lied” Visual


Florida native, AG Brizzle, has just released his latest single “You Lied” on all musical platforms. The melodic tone and groove pull you in from the very beginning and never let you go; add an infectious hook and it’s well on its way to being a jam of the Summer for 2021.  

In the song, AG Brizzle has had enough of his girl’s misguided attempts to get over on him with her constant dishonesty.  The song is produced by Leland with a colorful visual shot by Tedds Pro, it definitely puts some points on the board for all the men who aren’t tolerating the shenanigans of troublesome females and their self-proclaimed ‘hot-girl summers’.  

If this is any indication of what AG Brizzle has in store for 2021, he is definitely going to have a great year.

Follow AG Brizzle:
Instagram @ag_brizzle
Twitter @ag_brizzle

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