Kosha Dillz – Solo ft Gangsta Boo | Video @koshadillz @gangstabooqom

The pandemic has been hard for everyone and Kosha Dillz is no stranger to it. During the last week before the complete lockdown, the unlikely pair of Three 6 Mafia’s Gangsta Boo and Kosha Dillz recorded “Solo” with 2021 Grammy Nominated producer Sam Barsh (Anderson Paak, Earthgang, Logic) for Kosha’s album Nobody Cares Except You, which was the precedent going into the loneliness of the pandemic.
Now that most of society is on an upswing out of it, the temperature has changed the possibility of happiness, and a whacky creative music video could be what we need!
The rappers become astronauts and escape ever-changing Earth, rhyming their way to the Moon and Mars with priceless pandemic possessions including crypto favorite DOGE Coin, Elon Musk’s Space X Rocket, the host of a “Good Morning Amerri-Kosha” and an E.T. simulated bike ride with our Covid-19 savior Dr. Fauci. Gangsta Boo even battles it out with a Monster alien worm as the first-ever Gangstanaut to reach space. This is much different from Gangsta Boo’s past two appearances on the Run the Jewels albums.

The video release for “Solo” holds multiple levels of significance for National Astronaut Day / Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) and Space Day (May 7th) , as well as Cinco de Mayo being the 20th anniversary of Kosha Dillz’ first 7 felony drug charges, which led him to be on the path of music. Dillz raps powerful lines like “DM that X like it’s dark and hell is hot before rap sold drugs and cemetery plots, now I speak at synagogues a lot.” The line showcase many moments for him including his battle w/ DMX at the BET cypher in 2012 which recently surfaced after DMX’s passing. “Came into the world alone I cry alone I die alone I win, I used to get high alone cant right the wrongs, I write the songs I win” show real pain can be alleviated by the creativity one wishes to dive in. In this case, the artists select the game they play and “win” at all costs, even if it means to leave Earth.

Check out the video and full album below.



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