DEZO Williams’ “COLLEEN” featured in Hulu’s “Shrill” @DezoWilliams3

Staten Island producer Dezo Williams has landed a placement in the new season of Hulu’s hit show “Shrill” (starring Aidy Bryant).

His instrumental single “Colleen” can be heard almost in its entirety in Episode 5.

”Colleen” is the first single off of Dezo Williams’ album “LESSONS & BLESSINGS”. The song is a jazzy and chill piece of music, which complements the self-reflecting moments and introspective conversations seen on SHRILL perfectly.

The single’s artwork features Model, Photographer and Artist LEE IMANI who also designed the cover. Lee Imani is the younger sister of Dezo Williams.

This isn’t Dezo’s first placement in television, as he did the opening mix for MOONLIGHT, which won an Oscar for MOVIE OF THE YEAR in 2017. Working with music supervisors Maggie Phillips and Christine Roe from Deep Cut Music on this award winning movie led to his placement on SHRILL and other upcoming projects.

The “Southern Man” mix from his first album BAGELS (dedicated to J Dilla’s DONUTS) can be heard in Val Kilmer’s “PAY DIRT” movie in 2020 after Dezo re-mixed the track again for Emmy Winning ABC 10 Executive TV Producer Ariane Stroschein.

Dezo Williams has worked with MOP’s Billy Danze, who used his “Return” beat for “Dinero” after hearing it on Instagram.
Following this first introduction, Dezo was invited to do a cameo in an MOP video and in 2020, MOP’s other half, Fame debuted Dezo’s “Slate Rider” beat live on IG for his Heavy Artillery beat competition with much excitement.

There’s more work with MOP on the horizon for Dezo Williams and his production company MUSICFAMILYFUN CORP, including a Fame feature on Dezo’s “Shizzar” track.

The “Return”, “Shizzar” and “Slate Rider” beats can be heard on the producer’s new album “BOOM-BAP MEMORIES”, available Friday May 14th.
“BOOM-BAP MEMORIES” is a nod to 90s Boom Bap Beats which is the era in which Dezo first started making beats growing up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York

For now, listen to “COLLEEN” on Episode 5 of the new season of “Shrill”, or check it out below.



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