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First Day Feature: Efinxace discusses his journey as an immigrant, “Diaries of the Heart” album and more

How willing are you to chase your passion? We all say we would do anything for it but not everyone is willing to really do just that. For talented singer Efinxace, he was willing to move across the world for a better shot at making an impact musically.

The Liberian Lebanese immigrant moved here in 2014 and has been consistently on his grind since then. The hard work culminated with the March 27th release of his debut album “Diaries of the Heart”. Efinxace flexes a high level of versatility on the set, weaving through genres with ease.

With his new “Let Me Go” visual he continues to showcase his impeccable voice and songwriting skills. We were granted the opportunity to speak with Efinxace in regards to the project, visual and his upbringing. Check out the full interview below:

For anyone new to you please give us a little information about who you are?

My Name is Fidel Bashir Hamoud aka Efinxace. I was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. I migrated to the US in 2014 to pursue my music career and since then, it has been a great journey. I do have a beautiful daughter that I love with all my heart. Outside of music, I enjoy being a dad to my daughter.

You have an interesting background as someone who migrated to the United States. What was growing up like for you?

Manh, It was tough. I grew up in a country that went through 14 years of civil unrest and crisis. No quality Health care, bad Education, no Electricity, no safe drinking water… We had to survive and make it through all that.

What led you into your love of music and pursuing it as a career?

I developed the passion for writing music back in high school. I recorded my first demo on a cassette player, and everyone thought it was dope. I went on from there to recording my first record at a studio and while I sat there listening to my song being programmed, I experienced the most amazing feeling ever. The feeling of being able to bring my thoughts to life. Since then, I decided to pursue music as a career.

How do you feel living in such different areas has helped to carve out your musical ability and set you apart?

Well, traveling around the world has certainly helped the way I view things. I have an opened mind now. I can see things from different perspectives. I have been privileged to experience different cultures, food, and way of life. All of these has influenced my music greatly.

You just dropped your debut album “Diaries of the Heart”. What was the process like crafting it?

It was tough. I took about 2 years putting my album together. I wanted to be sure it came out right. I did not want to compromise quality. So, I had to pressure my guys Bennie-ox, Tyro, Cyrus Deshield and everyone that was connected to the project. I had to fly out to Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles many times to record a song or shoot a video. I encountered many obstacles but with time I was able to overcome and completed my album.

Did you feel any added pressure in how it would be recieved being that it is your first body of work?

I did. Lol. I believe that is every perfectionist nightmare. So far I have had great reception and my album has been doing really well.

What’s the most interesting story you can tell us about the creation of your album?

Well, most of the songs were inspired by my Ex and my recent divorce. The style and genre of the album was mostly influenced by my Friend and producer Bennie-ox, who has been pushing and channeling me towards afro beat and afro fusion music. I was all R&b/Pop but Bennie-ox has been encouraging me to sing on afro-fusion beats and I’ve been loving it since.

You’ve been pushing “Let Me Go” as the single for the album. What about this song stands out to you?

Let Me Go, which features Beth Grey, came about when I was in the darkest time of my life. My ex was trying to eat her cake and have it. She didn’t want me, but she also didn’t want another person to have me. Interesting stuff. That is when I felt inspired to write the song and expressed how I felt about her holding on to me without a good intention.

I loved the visual and the colorful vibe it gives off. How did the shoot come together?

I had just shot a high budget video (Gold Digger) that did not come out right. Gold digger should have been the single of my album but because the video did not come out right, I had to hire another videographer that I was in contact with on Instagram. We went to LA and booked a French mansion. We hired dancers and had the best crew, It was really fun creating with my team. We booked the mansion for 7 hours and did the did in 4.

Do you have plans to release more visuals to support the LP? If so for which records?

Yes. I have plans to drop Nobody Video sometime this year. Nobody is another record that was written by Grammy Nominated Singer and Songwriter Cyrus Deshield and me. That record is close to my heart. I will love to bring that to life.

What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

I love how happy and safe I feel when I’m in a creative space.

Conversely, what is the thing you dislike most about being an artist?

I hate that people think you are crazy for believing in yourself.

What is a little-known fact you’d like people to know about you?

I am a father to a beautiful daughter (Alia). I love her so much.

Anything else you would like to share before we conclude?

Well, I just want to encourage everyone to go check out my album and support my music however they can .Like , share, comment, critique, etc I’m looking forward to dropping more singles this year but for now, enjoy Diaries of the heart!!

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