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Emanuel announces debut album, Alt Therapy, with signature single ‘Worldwide’

We’ve been on the tail of Canadian newcomer Emanuel for some time now and it’s been a majestic journey to follow. From the very start, this Toronto-based talent has had all the makings of a future super star. His first single ‘Need You’ even attracted the notice of British film, TV and music sensation Idris Elba who directed the touching music video.

Now, with a JUNO nomination and two EPs under his belt, Emanuel has decided that it’s the perfect time to finally release his highly anticipated debut album, Alt Therapy. If, like us, you’re already a fan of this artist, you’ll have come across this alluring title with the previous two EPs – Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion and Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation.

First from the album, we have ‘Worldwide’ a laidback neo-R&B number that emphasizes the soulful quality of Emanuel’s voice. There’s a consistency to the atmosphere created in each of his releases that makes them like chapters from the same book. Where the story will go next, only time will tell.


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